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 “When thinking about life, I distinguish between lively health and vitality and barely scraping along on the threshold of oblivion… the difference between syntropy and entropy.” - Hugh Lovell


Jillian Pate is a multidisciplinary fine artist, steel sculptor, and aspiring architect specializing in wall sculptures installation art, and drawing. She is a native of Colorado where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from the University of Denver, and a Master of Architecture (MARCH) from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Her work is distinguished by concepts of connectivity, rhythm, and biomimicry through industrial materials.  She explores a multitude of systems including musical theory, biology, chemistry, physics, and digital data to find new ways to think about material and structure and the built environment. Her interest often turns to entropy: the natural recursion in all things; and syntropy: a process of building order and organization. With a growing concern for the state of the earth and a need for the impermanence of objects rather than the permanence, the need for things to decompose and cultivate life rather than suffocate and pollute, she takes aim at understanding and highlighting structures ability to serve its users while also integrating into the landscape. Her specific interest in steel came through analyzing the paradox of it being both strong and industrious, which is a remarkable organic and resonating material. It is resilient and self-healing, and yet elemental in its composition. It can last for hundreds of years, yet it can decompose with mere water, air and salt back into mere iron-oxides. It is these sorts of paradoxes that Jillian aims to explore through her material studies and artform.  She seeks to understand and promote innovative uses of these materials that highlight their composition and innate sensibilities.

Curriculum Vitae



2014 | Metaphorical Fugues: Exploring Interconnection | Ironton Studios and Gallery, Denver CO





2015 | THE KNEW, Juried Exhibition | Point Gallery, Denver CO


2013 | 9th Annual Painted Violin Project | Denver Young Artists Orchestra, Denver CO


2011 | New Perspectives | Translations Gallery, Denver CO


2010 | Contemporary Painters and Jillian Pate | Translations Gallery, Denver CO

             BFA Exhibition|  Myrhren Gallery, University of Denver, Denver CO


             Insiders/Outsiders | Pirate Art Gallery, Denver CO


2009 | Art Speaks| Edge Gallery, Denver CO





2019 | AIA Small Project Award | as member of Colorado Building Workshop for Rocky Mountain National Park

 Architzer Award - Architecture+Landscape | as member of Colorado Building Workshop for Rocky Mountain National Park

 Architectural Education Award - Design Build | as member of Colorado Building Workshop for Rocky Mountain National Park


2017 | College of Architecture and Planning, Fall Graduate Tuition Award 



2019 | Modern In Denver (Fall Issue): When Nature Calls By Scott Kirkwood, pg 60-65 | as member of Colorado Building Workshop for Rocky

Mountain National Park

Urban Next : Longs Peak Privies: Lightweight Prefabricated Constructionas member  of Colorado Building Workshop for Rocky Mountain National Park

2014 | The Denver Post: Ironton Gallery offers an abstract take on music and science By Ray Mark Rinaldi



2020 | Denver Health | Denver CO

2016 | The Center at Lowry | Denver CO

           Skyestone | Broomfield CO


2014 | Moda North Bay Village Apartments | North Miami Beach FL


2013 | Hyatt Regency, Denver Tech Center | Denver CO


2010 | Meridian Alliance Firm | Denver CO


            BFA Grant | University of Denver, Denver CO


2009 | Partners in Scholarship Grant | University of Denver, Denver CO


             Krenning Music Studio | Larkspur CO


2008 | Serristori Hospital collaborative Fresco | in partnership with SACI |Figline Valdarno, Tuscany, Italy





2019 | Masters of Architecture | University of Colorado, Denver 

           Colorado Building Workshop, Design-Build Certificate with Rick Sommerfeld (18-credit focus track) 

2010 | Bachelors of Fine Arts  | University of Denver,  Denver CO | Magna Cum Laude


2008 | Studio Arts Center International | Florence, Italy

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